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We Teach the Art and Science of Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese healing art.  Our passion is teaching the art and science of Medical Qi Gong to health care practitioners and others interested in their vitality.  Qi Gong is an excellent complement to Western medicine. We cultivate energy to regulate our mind, body and breath. Qi Gong uses meditation, self-massage, breath, alignment, accupoints, and gentle movements to better regulate emotional and physical imbalances.   Medical Qi Gong practitioners assess a person's energy field and harmonize imbalances through cleansing, building and regulating energy. All health care practitioners may integrate Qi Gong into their healing work & daily living. Our goal is to introduce this life changing modality to as many other medical practitioners as possible.


Our professional synergy began as passionate therapists in different areas who eventually flowed together and now collectively bring over 70 years…

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