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Summer Reflections of a Qi Gong Therapist 

Posted On-5 Sep 2017

Summer 2017 was especially full of beach time and Qi Gong. Practicing by the shore is a wonderful experience.  The tide goes out leaving long stretches of cool, flat muddy earth to plant your feet and look out over the wide horizon.  The ocean air is invigorating.  Sounds and s

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Spring In Your Step With Qi Gong

Posted On-27 Mar 2017

Qi rises from the Lower Dan Tien and begins a season-long ascent to the upper body during Spring. As it passes through the Middle Dan Tien, it encounters the Liver. Liver controls the flow of Qi & Blood like a slow tide coming up from winter storage. The Element is Wood and the col

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Energy Medicine and Psychotherapy by Dr. Harlene Goldschmidt

Posted On-24 Feb 2017

My hope is to have more  people  benefit from energy medicine.  One of my greatest wishes is to  normalize the practice of energy medicine in the Western healthcare system.  Energy medicine will  be an everyday occurrence like taking an aspirin, getting an x-ray and brushing your

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Qi Gong Winter Health Natural Tips

Posted On-11 Jan 2017

Winter represents the “yinest” of Yin months. What’s on your agenda? ‘Tis the season for reflection and rest because Nature has slowed down. Are you in sync with that? You can attain winter health by taking cues from Nature. How has the energy changed outdoors? We have passed t

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Posted On-26 Oct 2016

WARM YOUR BONES WITH QI GONG In the spirit of Halloween we send loving Qi to warm your bones. This is the fall season of Lungs, color is white and metal phase relates to riches hidden within body and mind. Nature retrieves essential Qi and brings it downward for storage in our LD

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Helping People Manage Anxiety Using An Integrated Approach

Posted On-8 Sep 2016

Helping People Manage Anxiety Using An Integrated Approach This summer I gave a workshop at the National Qi Gong Association, Personal Transformation with Five Element Qi Gong. The emphasis was on integrating Western models of psychological development with Eastern

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Summer Qi Tips from the QiChicks

Posted On-10 Aug 2016

Summer Qi Gong Healing for Heart Energy Want s'more Qi? Summer, Sun, S'mores and Qi all invite a warm heart. The element is Fire, organ is the Heart and emotion is Joy. Elements become more pronounced when it is their turn of the season. If you are a Fire type, be

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Qi Gong is User Friendly!

Posted On-28 May 2016

We are processing information all day long. Imagine discovering an operating system that is compatible with all of your functions! It is called Qi Gong. We circulate Qi throughout the meridians in our bodies. There are three Dan Tiens that we will be working with. The Dan Tiens are en

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Medical Qi Gong

Posted On-28 Mar 2016

We are among the first in the country to offer Certification Training to healthcare professionals. Our Programs integrate Eastern healing wisdom with Western scienc

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Build and Strengthen your Energy

Posted On-28 Feb 2016

There are many different types of Qi Gong practices.  All are designed to move and balance energy throughout your entire body.  Whether you are doing a sitting, standing or moving qigong meditation, the primary objective is to gather, build, circulate and harmonize energy or Qi y

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